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Step 4: activate the ebook

Unlock the full ebook with your activation key

You should have received your activation key by email. If not, go to “My Account”, click on your order and it will be displayed.

Checkout _ HTML Executable Ebook Shop DemoCopy this activation key to the clipboard and run the ebook previously downloaded.

When the nag screen is displayed, choose “I have a registration key and want to unlock the program“:


Type or paste your activation key, and choose “Activate“. An Internet connection is mandatory: if you have a firewall, make sure you let the ebook connect to the Internet once.

enteractkeyIf you have a proxy, click “Network settings” to provide details about it.

You get a “successful activation” message.

The ebook is unlocked

You have access to all pages:

And your name should appear in the about box:

Deactivation and transfer to another computer

If you try to use this activation key on another computer, it will be refused by the program: this is because we configured the key to work on a single computer only. If you want to transfer the full ebook to another computer, you must first deactivate it: