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Step 1: download Trial version

Offer a Trial version of your ebook to your future customers

For this simulation, we made a sample ebook with HTML Executable from a book in PDF format (Think and grow rich, by Napoleon Hill). This ebook was then converted into a Trial ebook; another tutorial covers all the steps to realize that. Note that it’s possible to disable the unregistered state: in that case, a customer must unlock the ebook before he can access it.

A Trial ebook works in two states: unregistered and registered. We decided to only leave the first five pages of the ebook in unregistered state: if a user wants to read the rest of the story, he needs to purchase the full ebook from our online store.

After a successful order, our WooCommerce plugin automatically generates activation keys and sends them to our new customer. With an activation key, he can unlock the remaining pages (the ebook is then in registered state). We also configured Protect to only accept one activation per order. Thus, the customer can unlock his ebook only on one computer. It’s our choice: you can of course allow more. A deactivation facility is available for customers who want to transfer their ebook from one computer to another.

To test this ebook, you need first to download it on your computer: download the stand-alone executable software (hill-think-and-grow-rich.exe) below and run it. No installation is required! Size: 8.1 Mb.


File is digitally signed to authenticate our company as well as to ensure that the file has not been altered.

Next, we’ll test the trial ebook