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Sell and control your ebook distribution

Earn money Make money from your ebooks and reduce piracy thanks to online activation and Protect Ebook .net

Welcome to this online ebook shop simulation! We aim to show you

  • how to deliver activation keys to customers immediately after purchase through this store powered by WooCommerce.
  • how you can prevent end users from sharing full versions of your ebooks on the web by using online activation backed by our Protect activation service.
If you sell ebooks, you have to send the full version to your customers. You may also want to prevent your customers from sharing their full version with someone else.


Solution: use online activation or hardware-locked registration keys, i.e. keys that will only work on a single computer. Our ebook compiler HTML Executable offers both solutions. We are going to work with the first solution for this simulation.

To begin, start downloading the trial version of our ebook